With temperatures in Dixie hitting the triple digits now, you might need emergency air conditioning service in St. George soon, and we are here to help. Whether you want us to do some routine maintenance or whether your air conditioner isn’t working at all, we can do whatever you need: maintain, repair, replace.

Emergency Air Conditioning Service in St. George

For emergency air conditioning service in St. George, we are the place to help you when you need help now. Temperatures in the 90’s and topping 100 means that you can’t afford to put off fixing your air conditioning unit. Truthfully, though, there are a few things you can check before you call us.

If your A/C won’t come on at all, check your breakers. Sometimes an overload can cause a breaker to flip, and you can check that without needing to call us.

If the problem is that the air coming out isn’t always cool, you can check a couple of things before you call us. First, look at the settings on your thermostat. If you have it set to On rather than Auto, the fan will blow 24/7, so it will only be blowing cool air sometimes, but it will be blowing all the time. Switch the setting to Auto and it will only blow when it needs to, and it will always be cool.

If you smell something weird or the unit doesn’t seem efficient enough, check the outside box to make sure you don’t have leaves or debris around it. Keeping that part clean makes you’re A/C run more efficiently.

For most other problems, you probably do need to call us. The good thing is that we provide emergency air conditioning service in St. George, and we are really fast. Whether you need something simple like a filter change, or something far more complicated, we are here to help. Common problems such as refrigerant leaks, or compressor or condenser problems, we can fix right away. Just give us a call.