Utah’s Dixie is known for high temperatures nine months of the year—it’s what keeps us happy, and miserable. Being happy has much to do with HVAC installations in St. George as it does with the perpetual sunshine. The quickest way to become unhappy is to have your air conditioning be inadequate or non-functioning when the temps reach triple digits. To avoid those problems, you need to make sure you have a quality HVAC installation, and we’re here to help.

Quality HVAC Installations in St. George

The first step in ensuring quality HVAC installations in St. George is to make sure your contractor looks at your home as a complete system. The HVAC unit and its components are not the only barrier between you and the high temperatures: your insulation, windows, and doors all play a part. Older homes often have unexpected air loss that costs you money and comfort. Newer homes can be built to specs so tight, they may not have adequate ventilation. When your contractor comes out to maintain or install your system, ask them to look at the other home components and give you suggestions about how to make your home more energy efficient and more comfortable.

Another component of quality HVAC installations in St. George is the duct work. Chances are, your ducts were installed when the home was built and not touched since. Many ducts are not adequate for the size of home—sometimes contractors do as little as they are required to do to meet code. When a system is changed is a good time to ask your contractor about whether your duct work needs work.

Remember, just because someone can sell you an HVAC system doesn’t mean that person understands how to help you reap the greatest benefit from it. Make sure your contractor has stayed up to date on current knowledge, and you will have a more efficient, more comfortable home.