If you live in St. George, you want to praise the man who invented air conditioners—Will Carrier, by the way. Your HVAC system in St. George is a life saver you can’t afford to neglect or do without, which is why you want to know about rebates and incentives for upgrading your system. If you can save money on something you really need, why not learn how to save as much as you can?

When you need to use an HVAC system in St. George, you need one that isn’t going to break down and isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg to operate. With energy needs rising and costs as well, having an energy efficient system is crucial. The government wants you to have an energy efficient system, so you can get government rebates and incentives that reward you for more efficient systems. Those higher end systems cost more, of course, but they save you energy costs for years, so if you combine the incentives and rebates with the long-term savings, you will be well compensated for your investment.

However, your own pocketbook may not be able to afford the most efficient system, so talk to us about an HVAC system in St. George—tell us what your price range is and we will explore the rebates and incentives with you to help you find the best possible solution. We can probably upgrade you more than you realize, but unless you talk with us, you might not know the most current programs.

In addition to the federal government, state and local governments have rebate and incentive programs, and we keep up to date on those also. Remember that power companies also incentivize you to use more efficient systems, and we have their current information on our website. Because these programs change all the time, we keep our links up to date, so check with us any time.