As popular as home air conditioning installation in St. George is, there is a lot of misinformation floating around that can cause a more expensive energy bill. So here are some facts that may surprise you as well as dispel some of the common myths.

Home Air Conditioning Installation in St. George

For starters, imagine you return from an errand and your home is too hot for comfort. Your first instinct may be to crank the cold air up and set the thermostat to a low temperature like 67 until it cools down. This actually doesn’t deliver the cold air faster, but does expend more energy resulting in a higher bill. Instead, set the thermostat for what you want the temperature to stay at, likely around 72.

Another myth about air conditioning installation in St. George is that AC units make cold air. These units don’t “make” cold air but instead takes in warm air and cools it using something called an “evaporator coil” that absorb heat and releases dehumidified, cooler air.

When it comes to home air conditioning installation in St. George, there are a lot of factors that determine how efficient you’re unit will perform. Some include size, sealing ducts, and airflow. The HVAC expert that installs your unit should determine the size of unit for your home, so that you aren’t over or underworking your unit. The ducts are also important in reducing wasted energy, any leak can become expensive over time.

Lastly, the airflow is important because it brings in and filters outdoor air providing healthier air for you and your family to breathe. Overall, knowing more about your home air conditioning installation in St. George can help you save money as well as breath healthier air.