Commercial air conditioning in St. George is different from residential air conditioning, and it demands far more resources than residential buildings do. If you’ve been in most buildings in the US in summer, you have probably felt the sudden chill of winter despite the calendar—Americans are famous worldwide for our love of cool buildings despite the heat. Achieving that kind of chill in St. George is an accomplishment not everyone is capable of.

Commercial Air Conditioning in St. George

Air conditioning is essential in the summer, and nowhere more than in Utah’s Dixie. Commercial air conditioning in St. George is a vital part of the landscape because public buildings have to deal with both the intense heat and with large numbers of people coming and going, letting the intense summer heat inside as well as allowing the cooler air from the interior to escape to the outdoors. Combine that problem with the sheer number of people in a commercial building, and you can see why commercial air conditioners have to be in a class by themselves to deal with all the challenges.

Large numbers of people not only create more body heat that air conditioners have to counteract, but they also create more humidity through perspiration and breathing. A good air conditioner handles all those factors, cooling and drying the air so the building doesn’t become moldy and the people can be comfortable.

A contractor who is supplying the air conditioning systems for both homes and businesses must know how to calculate the outside temperature, the size of the building, and the number of employees, clients, suppliers, and customers who might visit at any given time. Knowing how to manage all those challenges for commercial air conditioning in St. George is one of our specialties, and we have years of experience in both residential and commercial air conditioning.