Every year, there are a few maintenance tasks that each homeowner should do to save money and reduce the amount of times you will need to call in to repair air conditioner in St. George.

Weather conditions play a big role on your air conditioner unit and how efficiently it runs. So before the cold weather hits turn off the power to your air conditioning unit. This will prevent the unit from putting out cool air on a slightly warmer day. It also prevents water from entering and freezing, causing damage on the interior.

Another good maintenance tip is to do a quick sweep and clean out your air conditioner. Leaves, sticks, and other outdoor debris is likely to collect during the spring and summer and you want to have a working unit when the heat returns. It can be helpful to cover the unit while it isn’t in use to reduce the chances of debris and other elements from entering the conditioner. For some extra protection against the cold, add some insulation like foam around the pipe covers or other exposed areas to further reduce your chance of freezing and cracking pipes.

While these aren’t fun tasks, they all help keep your house cool as well as keeping calls to repair air conditioner in St. George to a minimum, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. You also want to have your air conditioner inspected on occasion, and especially before the season ends. Snow and ice are risk factors that cause extra expenses which can usually be avoided by a visual inspection by an expert.

Overall, following these maintenance tasks will prolong your system’s lifespan, save you money down the road, and minimize calls to repair air conditioner in St. George!