When you hire HVAC contractors in St. George, you should first make sure they have all the licensing and certifications that they need to perform the job safely and with the skills and knowledge they need to make sure you get a system that will be safe for you and will do everything your heating and cooling system should do. A well-designed system will keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but it needs to do more than that—it needs to last your home for years without problems, and having the right contractor can make that possible.

HVAC Contractors in St. George

As you contact different companies, you may be wondering what licenses or certifications HVAC contractors in St. George should have. Although there are a lot of different certifications, many are advanced training. The required training applies to people who are handling refrigerant, and the EPA has a specific EPA Section 608 certification for these installations. Depending on the size and type of appliance a technician is installing or repairing, the technician has to have passed a specific test ensuring that they have the required knowledge for working with that refrigerant.

Why is this certification necessary? Refrigerant can be a dangerous substance, and particularly in pressurized appliances, the technician has to be capable of handling the refrigerant without causing danger or harm to themselves, the home, or the occupants as they later use the cooler.

Additionally, when replacing, repairing, or disposing of the unit or its components, technicians need to be able to release and dispose of the refrigerant properly, without harming themselves, the machines, or the environment.

To make sure your contractor has installers and repair personnel with the right certification, ask before they come to do the work.