As common as air conditioning and furnaces are, most homeowners don’t know what to look for when buying a heater in St. George. Each home is different and that means there isn’t one heater that is best for every house. You also don’t want to just buy any available heater because they typically last 15 to 20 years which can be a real investment. You want to buy a heater that will last long, not need frequent repairs, and will be efficient for your home to reduce wasted money. So take the time now to learn how you can pick a heater that will be best for you.

Buying a Heater in St. George

It is a good to have some questions on hand to ask the HVAC expert when buying a heater in St. George. How large should my furnace be? Is bigger better? The short answer is no. You want a heater that is the most energy efficient for your home, and that means looking at the AFUE rating. To find the best size of furnace, you will want a HVAC expert to look at your home. They use a formula called Manual J Load calculation that uses information like the square footage, the shade around your home, number of windows, etc., to find the ideal size for you. You don’t want to buy a furnace that is too small because it will be overworked and need frequent repairs. You don’t want to buy a furnace that is too large because it will waste energy and that will show in your energy bill.

To conclude, you can save money, reduce repairs, and enjoy your heated home in luxury when you know the questions to ask when buying a heater in St. George!