Heater installation in St. George is all about timing. If you want the best deal, you want to get your system replaced when the need isn’t extreme. If you wait until it dies in January, you’ll be desperate and the dealers won’t be. If you replace a heater before the need is dire, you have time to shop the best deals, and the manufacturers can be the ones to compete for your dollar.

Tax credits are available when you upgrade your system because, as the technology gets better, the government wants you to take advantage of more efficient systems to help air quality and lower energy needs. You can get tax credits on specific parts of your heater (the fan, the boiler) or on the entire system, depending on what you need.

When we come to inspect your system, we aren’t trying to sell you anything you don’t need, so we will give you a discount on the first time we come out, and we will tell you whether all is good or whether you have trouble brewing. Now is the time to find out, and we can help you save.