Now most homeowners aren’t used to calling their air conditioning service until there is a problem, but there is a lot to gain by calling before you hit a wall. There are many reasons to service your air conditioner, such as to save money, maintain efficiency, reduce unit break downs, cleaner and healthier air, and to continue to enjoy a comfortable temperature. When your unit’s condenser coils have collected dirt and dust over years, it has to work that much harder to perform at the same level. That extra work gets converted into a more expensive energy bill that overtime can be a real nuisance. When you routinely give your unit a clean filter, you also reduce the frequency of needing to call your HVAC provider for a repair; giving you more time in your day.

Another great benefit that you receive when you service your air conditioner in St. George is cleaner and healthier air. Units constantly filter out pollen, dirt, dust, and other allergens from the outside air while providing cooler air and dirt buildup can reduce the efficiency. Lastly, when you service your air conditioner in St. George annually, you can relax and enjoy the cool temperature any time of the year.