For sewer and drain cleaning in La Verkin, you want to come to someone who knows how to clean a clogged drain without damaging the environment. Putting chemicals into our waste water system means adding them to our soil and air, not just the water. As the water goes through water treatment options, we use a lot of methods to try to clean out the harmful stuff. There is no way to get it all, so many municipalities have taken to sending letters to residents, reminding them that flushing Grandma’s expired medications down the toilet is a bad idea, as is the idea of using chemicals to clean a drain.

Instead, use a plumber’s helper. The kind that flare out, but have a narrower opening under so they can seal the drain while applying suction—those are the best tools. If that doesn’t work, give us a call. We can use drain snakes, hydro jetting, and other environmentally friendly methods to clean out the clogs, roots, and odd objects that your nephew flushed during the holidays, all without hurting the water or your pipes!