Superior HVAC Installation in St. George, UT

When you decide to replace or install new heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems, you’re making a significant investment, so you need all the correct information. Before deciding on any installation, it’s essential to consult a St. George HVAC company. At Snow Canyon Heating and Cooling, we understand the environment and the nature of the services you need. We can even help you determine whether a system replacement or repair will be the best call.

We offer the following heating and cooling system installations to help your home environment stay in peak condition.

Fan Installation

We have a variety of fans that can provide benefits to your overall home cooling system. Our main three fan types include garage fans, attic fans, and whole-house fans.

Garage Fans

We may not live in our garages, but valuable items like our vehicles spend plenty of time there. Hot air trapped in this space can make your air conditioning unit work harder. Additionally, it can also rust and age certain materials in your garage faster than they would in controlled conditions. Installing a garage fan is a great way to keep temperatures and utility costs down by creating a pathway to circulate cool air and let hot air escape. It’s also a great tool to help extend the current lifespan of any primary cooling system you already have.

Attic Fans

Since hot air tends to rise, your attic is the perfect space for it to stay trapped. With higher attic temperatures, your current air conditioning system could be working overtime to keep the rest of the house cool in comparison. Instead of wasting energy and money on utility costs, we can help you install an attic fan. You’ll get a much-needed installation upstairs while making your home more energy-efficient in the long run.

Whole-House Fans

Lessen energy waste and strain on your central heating system with a whole-house fan. Whole-house fans bring the benefits of the garage and attic fans to your entire home. They’ll help by pulling colder air from the outside and circulating it on the inside. We’re proud dealers of QuietCool fans, which help improve the energy efficiency and air quality in your home, all with a low noise level.

Furnace Installation

We can easily do furnace maintenance, but sometimes a newer, more efficient system will equal the cost of frequent repairs. During a free consultation call, let us know if your furnace has been making noises, leaving some rooms colder than others, or if it’s been more than ten years since you first installed it. We’ll recommend a furnace system that could benefit the unique needs and size of your home the most, and then walk you through every step of our professional, efficient, installation process.

A/C Installation

No proper St. George HVAC company is worth their salt without being an expert in air conditioning services. Living in a dry, desert area makes cool living at home a necessity, so we provide a wide range of availability and free estimates for air conditioner installations and replacements. We sell a variety of A/C units through our company. If you don’t know which brand or type of AC system you need, our seasoned experts can give you several recommendations.

Air Purifier Installation

Suppose you live in a home with multiple pets, family members with respiratory concerns, a dusty external environment, or an area with potential air pollutants. In that case, you might benefit from a home air purifier system. Installing one is not only a great way to provide cleaner air for your family at home, but it also supports odor elimination caused by airborne particles and minimizes dust build-up. Like most of these installation options, adding a whole-home air purifier will also help to increase the lifespan of your greater HVAC system.

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At Snow Canyon, we’ll go above and beyond with our free consultation. You’ll have a proper estimate and all the information beforehand, no matter what you’re getting installed.

We proudly offer HVAC services of all kinds to St. George, Washington, Hurricane, and the surrounding areas of Southern Utah. Contact us at any time to let us give you the professional answers you’ve been looking for.