If you’ve been looking for ways to cool down your garage, installing a garage fan might be worth looking into. These specific fans come in various types depending on your garage size and needs, and they also come with plenty of benefits. To name just a few, you can count on cooler air, improved ventilation, HVAC system support, and increased protection of your garage contents from naturally hot or humid weather.

Features to keep in mind when choosing a garage fan include:

  • The physical size of your garage.
  • The cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating that calculates how much air flows within the room.
  • The general noise level, speed level, and timing settings of the fan model.
  • The average climate of your location.

These all help to determine what brand of fan is going to give you the greatest return on investment, but what about your current situation could warrant the need? If any of the following apply to you, a garage fan could be a great investment in your future.

1. You have a workshop inside the garage.

For some, the garage serves as a functioning space for hobbies, home improvement, side hustles, or full-time income production. If you spend a lot of time in your garage working away with tools, automotive, or even art projects that are too messy for the house, a consistent source of cooling in the garage is going to make this valuable space twice as comfortable, improving your focus in the process.

2. You store valuable items and vehicles inside your garage.

Your garage may double as a storage unit, so it always pays to protect what you choose to keep inside. When it comes to your vehicle, consistently soaring temperatures can wreak havoc on a standard car battery. Temperatures over 50 degrees Fahrenheit may damage any antique or classic cars that call your garage their sanctuary. Consider the life of any power tools you keep there as well. Like your car battery, rechargeable tools may not fare well in incredibly high heat, especially if the space naturally attracts it. Don’t forget about humidity control either! The cardboard boxes that you entrust to protect your holiday decorations or sentimental memories may be at risk of building mold or mildew the more you let moisture go unregulated.

3. You’re looking for an additional way to extend the life of your cooling system.

A garage fan is a useful building block for improving the efficiency of your home cooling system. When your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to circulate air in this external space, the longer and smoother it runs, and the lower your monthly energy costs may appear in the process. The larger your garage is, the more a garage fan will benefit your AC system.

4. You have a dark-colored roof, house, walls, or garage exterior.

If the color and design of your home wasn’t something you had control over, the addition of a garage fan is at least something you can do to combat any temperature-related consequences. The darker your roofing, home exterior, or internal/external garage walls are, the more heat is naturally going to be absorbed into your building. While your home attic or upstairs may have wall insulation, your garage may not always have that design, so heat accumulates with limited space to travel. A fan will help increase the natural air circulation and cooling, also helping to prevent that heat from escaping back into the house while the garage door is closed.

If you’re ready to start looking further into fan models and need a professional opinion, Snow Canyon HVAC is always ready for a chat. We are more than acquainted with the struggle that our customers face with the heat every year, so we’re always happy to give you the most accurate information and service that we can to help achieve your cooling solutions. Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment today.