When summer gets closer and we all become more attached to our indoor cooling systems, we also become more aware of the high energy costs it takes to stay comfortable. There are several things you can do to take a more active role in maintaining the monthly price of your air conditioning usage, and here are a few to help you prepare for hot days to come.

Upgrade Your AC Unit

This may be the most financially tasking solution upfront, but it’s the most productive for the long term. The newer an HVAC unit is, the longer and more efficiently it’s going to cool your entire home without the threat of breaking in between. Newer HVAC technology will help you zone cold air into the spaces that you spend the most time in while helping to improve air quality and control humidity in climates that make you suffer more as the temperature rises. A newer system that runs smoothly will also be the kindest to your energy costs, which is the bottom-line benefit when every dollar makes a difference in your family budget.

Perform Routine AC Maintenance

This is another proactive solution, but it does pay to remember and continue to invest in routine AC unit maintenance, even when it seems like the system is running just fine on its own. These routine checkups and cleanings keep your current system at its peak, which once again, makes it run more efficiently and wastes less energy (and money) when you need to start using it more during hot days.

Install Fans

Installing a fan system in your house can help to minimize and improve your AC unit’s current workload. Even placing portable fans throughout the house in places where you spend the most time can help decrease the need to turn up the AC unit. Placing fans near windows will improve airflow, but make sure to get the proper sized fan for the size of the room you’re in.

Schedule AC Usage

Running your AC on a consistent schedule can help lower the costs that random AC usage throughout the day may cause. Developing habits like turning off the AC when you leave the house will minimize energy waste in spaces that don’t need cooling. Programmable thermostats are a great option to help you automate a more efficient AC schedule.

Enjoy the Outdoors and Evenings

Summer weather usually prompts outdoor activities but increasing your time outside during heat-generating activities can actually help you save on AC costs. When possible, seek natural shade during your downtime instead of binge watching the latest show for hours indoors. Grilling and other methods of outdoor cooking will decrease the amount of heat built up inside, and even switching to electric appliances when possible will make a difference. Doing activities like bathing or running the dryer in the evening when it’s cooler will also help.

Shield Your Windows

Installing impact windows or adding reflective film on your existing windows is a great way to help deflect some of the natural heat that your house acquires from the spots that see the most sun. An even simpler solution is to get functionality out of decor. Putting up curtains with heat-absorbing fabrics can be a simple buffer to stop sunlight from warming the rest of the house.

Seal the House and Stay Low

Speaking of windows, making sure all the doors and windows in your home are properly sealed will go a long way in making sure hot air doesn’t enter your house, and cool air doesn’t escape when your AC does its job right. Add insulation to your walls and attic (a prime location for hot air to accumulate) to help with the building’s overall temperature. Dwelling in the lower points of the house whenever possible (basement, lower floors, etc.) will also work to keep you out of the path of naturally rising heat.

Cut Down on AC Costs with HVAC Services from the Professionals

When you’ve tried and considered everything you can on your own, getting a professional opinion about your current HVAC system goes a long way. Snow Canyon HVAC is always available to give you more information on our services in Southern Utah, and we’re happy to give you direct communication about what will be the best service option for your home and budget. Contact us for HVAC services today!